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FFL Rules and Regulations

Posted on: May 15, 2011 12:28 pm

     The salary cap in our League has completely stopped trades.  We generate funds with $2.00 per trade per team that precedes goes to the second place point’s winner.  No owner can go over their salary cap until the end of week 13 but the trade deadline is week 13.  The fact that we have a keeper league and the draft is bidding on Players, this Fantasy Football League is one of the more challenging in use today.  We have one supplemental draft the Saturday before week 8 games start.  We drop up to 4 players only; the catch is we must remain paying half the dropped players salary for the rest of the season.  Someone can pick up the dropped player for a minimum half the original salary.  As soon as the next season starts the dropped player reverts to the original salary, this causes more issues with staying under the salary cap.  The owner that finishes in last place points the previous year gets to nominate the first player in the next seasons draft but since we have a salary cap the bidding will now begin and the highest bid wins the player.  It is a difficult league to be in, challenging at best, I don’t hear of any other Fantasy Football League that uses these types of rules.

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